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Oxandroxyl 20 by Kalpa Pharmaceuticals (active ingredient – Oxandrolone ) is a moderately potent steroid. It is the most innocuous anabolic available today, which is why it is often used by women. Oxandroxil 20 was developed for the treatment of HIV patients with anaemia and Turner’s syndrome. It also promotes skin regeneration after burns and bone strengthening.

Oxandroxyl 20 has low androgenic (1/4 of testosterone ) activity with high anabolic (400% of testosterone ) activity. It has the highest anabolic index, making it the safest among oral drugs. Oxandroxil 20 has virtually no effect on the liver and has no conversion to estrogens.


Increase in strength performance. Oxandroxil is widely used by athletes of light weight categories – all of them are interested in increasing strength while maintaining body weight at the same level.

Burns fat deposits.

Increases muscle hardness and shape.

Stimulates the secretion of growth hormone.


Most often, Oxandroxyl tablets from Kalpa Pharma are used by athletes to gain muscle shape and reduce fat deposits. For example, bodybuilders in the final period of preparation for competitions (almost always in combination with other drugs). Oxandroxyl 20 solo course is a good option to start taking anabolic steroids. Its duration is from to 8 weeks. Pyramid dosage is used – the first week is taken at 20 mg/day, divided into two doses, and from the second week the dose is increased to 40 mg (maximum – up to 80 mg), divided into three doses. SCT after the solo course is not required. To restore testosterone secretion, you can take 10 mg of Nolvaxil for one or two weeks at the end of the course.

How to take Oxandroxil 20 for women? The dosage of 10-20 mg should be followed to avoid virilisation symptoms. In principle, the likelihood of side effects is extremely low and in many cases dosages can be increased.

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