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Description & Usage

Bonavar is unexpectedly used by bodybuilders and athletes not because it builds muscle and promotes faster recovery from injuries and muscle wasting, but because it provides extremely well-defined lean muscle mass while preserving protein and metabolising excess fat. .

The active ingredient is oxandrolone. Significantly increases body muscle mass without the negative effects associated with estrogen, such as water retention and subcutaneous fat accumulation. Oxandrolone is very popular with athletes in the pre-competition stages during dieting, as it is the perfect supplement to provide extremely lean and refined muscles.

Previously, this drug was mainly used to treat weight loss in patients suffering from AIDS, muscle atrophy and weakness, bone pain and inflammation, severe skin burns, impotence and infertility. Bonavar is relatively safe because it does not affect HPTA-related gonadotropin production at low doses. Consequently, there is an almost negligible risk of testosterone suppression, testicular depletion and consequent impotence in men.

Oxandrolone course and dosage.

The course is not much different from other classes of anabolics.

Compared to other steroids, it gives a very good increase in physical strength, which is certainly crucial for those athletes who work not so much on muscle growth, but on increasing and improving their own physical strength and muscular endurance.

Apart from the fact that it does not give a big weight gain can be noticed among the few disadvantages of the drug.

The dose also depends on the individual characteristics of the body and its structure and physiological functions. In any case, it is not much different from many doses of these drugs. You can ask your trainer for more advice on steroid dosage.

Oxandrolone side effects

Athletes may experience some side effects with some of the components of the drug. The most common are nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea (diarrhoea) if taken for a long time than strain on the liver.

Although, in general, many are well aware that the drug belongs to relatively safe steroids. Not only in the power of the body to cause it a lot of toxic damage, it is also quietly accepted by beginners and that is very important and often used, even as the first anabolic steroid.


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