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Anavar is particularly well suited for the cutting cycle, and many people use it for this very purpose. Using Anavar, you won’t notice much difference in gaining mass, but any mass you gain will consist of lean tissue. Anavar is also known as a “steroid for girls”. Women who take this steroid are more likely to experience tissue gains. The use of this steroid means that it is not aromatised to estrogen, body water retention is noted as quite regular and gyno does not occur at all. After 5 days of taking Anavar, noticeable results are seen in the form of a 44% increase in protein synthesis in muscle cells.

Advantages of Anavar steroid:

  • Unflavoured
  • Water retention in the body
  • Toxicity to the liver is less than other drugs
  • Fat burning

Anabolic effects:

Oxandrolone is not suitable for gaining muscle mass, rather for increasing muscle strength and hardness as it promotes myofibril hypertrophy and stimulates creatine phosphate stores. Some powerlifters claim that it is the number 1 steroid for increasing strength without weight gain or excessive water retention. Muscle mass development is slow, but it is a high quality builder. This is why oxandrolone is widely used by powerlifters who want to increase strength but stay in their weight class. It is also a good choice for drafting when weight gain is not the goal. It is valued as a very good “fat burner”. It is common to see several bodybuilders taking oxandrolone two months before a competition. It is also recommended for conditions of catabolism or loss of active body mass associated with AIDS, cancer, osteoporosis and hepatitis.

-The opinion of oxandrolone’s anabolic action is influenced by its low concentration in tablets and high price, making it difficult to take high doses. Athletes often take only about 20 mg per day, which is very low compared to doses of other steroids. However, it is recommended to take 40-80 mg per day to achieve sufficient effect.


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