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Effects of use

Taking Oxandronolone will ensure that the following effects occur:

  • Excellent building of tough lean muscles.
  • Strength indicators increase to a significant extent.
  • Effectively burns fat.
  • Somatotropin, which is known to be a growth hormone, is synthesised intensively.

A positive point that distinguishes this remedy from its other analogues is that the blood pressure when taking it does not go beyond the norm. But this is not its only advantage. It has other positive aspects as well:

  • The human body is not capable of causing any harm.
  • The action lasts up to 12 hours.
  • The reception does not affect the body’s synthesis of testosterone.
  • Beneficial effect in relation to the nervous system.
  • Leads to an increase in strength performance.
  • Complete absence of aromatisation.
  • Does not contribute to water retention in the body.
  • Musculature takes on a more rigid character.
  • The remedy has weak androgenic activity.
  • In terms of anabolic properties, it is 4 times ahead of testosterone. The ideal is to take the drug in the form of tablets.
  • It has a weak toxicity in relation to the liver.
  • But, nevertheless, parallel administration with hepatoprotectors is indicated.



Mostly this remedy is recommended for men. This is due to the fact that in the body there is no transformation into estrogens. This is especially true for athletes whose age exceeds 40 years.

Reception is carried out on an empty stomach. In this case, you can achieve the maximum effect. To improve the physique, it is enough to take 15-25 mg daily. The duration of the course is up to 8 weeks. To enhance effectiveness, parallel use in combination with other steroidal agents is shown.

Before you start using this drug, it is necessary to get advice from a doctor. They will select the correct dosage for a particular athlete. They may also be recommended other additional steroids to improve the effect.


The remedy is characterised by pronounced safety for the female organism. In medical practice, it is used in cases where there is such a disease as osteoporosis in the anamnesis. In paediatric practice, it is used in growth retardation.

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