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Anavar is an anabolic steroid with a molecular structure derived from dihydrotestosterone. It is distinguished by the introduction of an oxygen atom in place of the 2nd carbon and methylation at the 17th position. This gives Anavar a strong separation of anabolic and androgenic effects, making it ideal for gaining muscle mass. Anavar has shown excellent results in fat shredding. Fat burning is a difficult stage for any beginner who does not yet know his business properly. This is because some of the products used for this purpose usually eat away at your muscles as well!

Dosage: 20-100mg/day

Concentration: 10mg/tab.


Anavar is a relatively mild steroid with many benefits compared to other steroids . Benefits of Anavar:

  • Increased protein synthesis
  • Increased muscle growth and recovery
  • Increased strength and endurance
  • May help reduce fat deposits
  • Improved recovery time between workouts
  • Can be used to treat muscle atrophy and osteoporosis in medical settings.
  • Relatively low risk of androgenic side effects


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