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Anavar by Ryzen Pharma is a product for the cycle of FTP and muscle mass. With this product you will get:

Impressive strength gains and very lean and very hard muscle.

Very lean mass gain.

For gaining muscle mass and increasing strength, this product combines very well with Androlik, Dianabol, Anabol and Winstrol, Primobolan or Primabolan.

For a one time increase in performance and strength this product is combined with Halotestin.

It is good to take this product during the cutting cycle.

This product is taken for a maximum of 4 weeks.

Dosage: 1-3 tablets (10-30 mg) per day.

Already after the first use of the steroidal product, a high rate of stimulation of anabolic and suppression of catabolic processes is achieved, which is due to the synthesis of glucocorticosteroids. The components of the drug help to increase muscle mass, prevent the deposition of subcutaneous fatty tissue, and improve the structure of tissues.

Based on the above, a number of conclusions can be drawn:

Oxandrolone has only two pronounced qualities – protection from catabolic processes and strength increase. As for mass increase, it is ineffective, although it will be useful for the first course.

Thoughtful use does not lead to side effects – neither during the period of intake, nor after the course.

Taking the steroid does not lead to a decrease in the production of its testosterone. In addition, there is no aromatisation, which allows people of all ages to take the supplement.

As for the final decision whether to use such preparations or not, this decision is made by each person personally, taking into account the tasks at hand and the state of the body.

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